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  1. Kerri Shafer-Ross on December 11th, 2012

    Hi Steve,
    I came across the wall mounted scratcher while browsing through the moderncat.com website.

    I volunteer with a local non profit cat rescue here in San Diego and am on the fundraising committee. I was wondering if you might consider donating one of your products, or this wall mounted scratcher, to our silent auction fundraiser held in March this year. This looks like a wonderful product that I think a lot of attendees might enjoy bidding on. In addition to the donation being tax deductible, we would love to promote your business/website at the event by placing information about your products on the table where your auction item is placed, in an effort to help gain more business for you.

    If this is something you might consider, kindly let me know. We gladly will pay for any shipping costs involved.

    I appreciate your time!

    Kerri Shafer Ross
    the Rescue House fundraising committee


  2. Cheryl Unger on December 11th, 2012


    I love this! Do you have this for sale? I have a 16 yr old cat with an arthritis condition and this would be sweet for her. I could mount it low on the wall, and she could still scratch and stretch with her limited movement.

    What a a great idea and design.

  3. Julie on December 11th, 2012

    this is so clever! i hope you plan to sell it or something like it, its fun and nice to look at and interesting enough to attract a kitty.
    the major question is how to make it so its affordable!

  4. Patricia F on December 11th, 2012

    What a great design idea! I have 3 kitties just lining up to give it a great workout.

  5. Jessie on December 11th, 2012

    all three of my babies would adore having this, would keep them all very happy!!!

  6. Anne on December 11th, 2012

    Wow. I want one. All the various curves and angles will appeal to cats who like to stand up and cats who prefer to stretch out. It even looks like it could be mounted with the big part on the bottom for cats with mobility issues.

  7. Steven Mattern on December 11th, 2012

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words!

    I’ve made just one of these for our cat but would consider making more if there was interest.

    It’d be useful for me to know what you’d be willing to pay for something like this. What would you want to pay and what would be the most you’d pay?



  8. Dianna on December 11th, 2012

    I would want to pay $30 at most, but would probably consider paying up to $45.

  9. Kristen on December 11th, 2012

    I think it’s a great idea, my cat would love it & it would stop her from scratching my door frames… maybe… :/

    Although at first glance I was thinking around the $100 mark. Would like to pay less though..

  10. Leslie on December 16th, 2012

    I would love to have one of these for my cats, would pay up to $150.

  11. Lia on February 9th, 2013

    I would be interested in one of these too(for less than $50)!

  12. Dana on December 22nd, 2013

    OMG – this is genius. I’ve had to hide my computer screen from my clowder just so they won’t ask for it for Christmas.

  13. Tatiana on March 13th, 2015

    It’s brilliant! Have you decided to sell these? If yes, where can I buy it.

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